Space Engineers Limited Edition

Play as an engineer, architect, miner, welder, soldier, pilot or pirate...Space Engineers is only limited by your imagination.

Construct and maintain your own space ships, space stations, hovercrafts, Wheeled vehicles, small fighters or gargantuan carriers vessels...It's up to you, using a realistic volumetric-based physics engine, all objects can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed.

Space Engineers has something for everyone with:

Two game modes: Creative: Unlimited resources, instant building and no death or survival - realistic management of resources and inventory capacity; Manual building; Death and respawn. Play in single mode where you are the sole space engineers, or multiplayer with your friends. The are different scenarios to start from depending on your experience.

Space Engineers is still technically in Steam early access although it's hard to believe, given the level of polish and content that's available. The developers at Keen Software as so determined to give their players as much as they possibly can and have a wonderfully dedicated and happy community of fans. Join them!

Limited Edition includes:

• Fully game with extra gifting key

• Soundtrack

• Artcards and sticker

• Digital concept art

• 2 bonus games: Miner wars arena & Miner war 2081

• Wallpapersand more!



Space Engineers Limited Edition



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