AO International Tennis

AO International Tennis is the official game of the Australian Open. The title features Rafa Nadal and Angelique Kerber on the cover and is the only game with an official license from the Mallorcan. Career mode, tournaments and online play make this the deepest tennis game on the Australian Open that has ever been created and sets a new standard for what a game of tennis can offer fans.


Participate in the Australian Open: AO International Tennis is the official game of the Australian Open. Raise champion in the categories of Individual, Double or Double Mixed game alone or with up to 4 players online.

Multitude of licensed players and stadiums: AO International Tennis will come with a full set of male and female players, such as Rafa Nadal or stadiums like the Rod Laver Arena, all of them with official license. Cement, grass or clay: Each surface has its own characteristics that will influence the game. Choose between grass, cement or the favorite of Rafa Nadal, the clay. Artificial Intelligence: Ten years of data collected in the Australian Open championship matches make players behave as they do in real life. Movement Capture: Professional players have served as models to capture their movements and offer the most authentic tennis game to date.

Tutorials: A complete set of tutorials will teach you how to master the game. Practicing always makes you the best! Career Mode: Decide well to which tournaments you present and in the ranking to become the number 1 in the world.

Play online: Challenge the world and become a champion from the comfort of your living room.

Character Editor: Create your player with the complete character editor. Only you decide who is number 1. You can create your character on PC through the free application available from Steam and reimport it to your console. Customization: Editors of clothing, stadium and logo. Import any element you want from the real world to the game to achieve maximum customization and authenticity. AO International Tennis has one of the best editors of tennis stadiums of the moment. Free Updates: AO International Tennis will not have any type of DLC payment. All stadiums, players, equipment and other content can be downloaded for free.


AO International Tennis

Xbox One / PS4


Big Ant Studios / Microids



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