Kowloon High-School Chronicle


Release date: 18/03/2022

Publisher: PQube

Text: English

Voices: English

Take on the life of a high school treasure hunter in this much-anticipated RPG classic. Kuro Habaki has joined a society of treasure hunters, seeking relics that are said to perform miracles! His next mission takes place at Kamiyoshi High School in Tokyo where mystery surrounds the nearby cemetery and the ruins beneath. Habaki must team up with his classmates to uncover the school’s mysterious secrets.



  • Communication is Key. At school, choose from nine emotions to interact with your classmates. Depending on your choices, your relationships with these characters will develop, and some may join you on your adventure. There are many wonderful and intriguing characters for you to meet.  
  • Dungeon Exploration. At night, explore the ruins beneath the school for turn-based RPG combat! Solve puzzles, avoid traps and fight tough enemies with your classmates to look for treasure and solve the mysteries of the ruins.            
  • Discover the Classic. Kowloon High-School Chronicle has been remastered with HD graphics and voice acting for the main story. Don’t miss out on this legendary game!    

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