Officially licensed from FlixBus, Fernbus Coach Simulator is the first simulator to reproduce the daily schedule of increasingly popular, long distance coach journeys.  This new boxed version also includes all of the additional DLC routes from the Eiffel tower in Paris to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Where will you begin your next journey?

All routes remain faithful to the German FlixBus network covering around 50,000 km across 40 major cities.

The large modern MAN Lion’s coach traverses the autobahns, motorways and major roads all of which are created in great detail.  Navigate the complex routes to arrive promptly at the bus stations in the towns and cities and stay in communication with HQ regarding your progress.

Take care on busy routes to avoid collisions with other drivers so that your passengers arrive safely whether travelling by day or night – whatever the season. 

Time passes at the rate of 10% of real-time so that the long journeys can be achieved in a reasonable time frame and the routes are also calculated on a 1:10 ratio so that each journey feels authentic. As in real-life, passengers can purchase their tickets online in advance or buy their ticket from the driver when boarding the bus. 

There are two versions of the MAN coaches; both are equipped with original cabs to include all functions with the interior and exterior of the coach modelled to the finest detail. Original passenger announcements impart a realistic atmosphere. Construction sites, traffic jams and accidents will challenge you to keep to the schedule. The coaches featured in Fernbus Coach Simulator have been tested and optimized by bus drivers and driving instructors.

Additional content: Major routes throughout the Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Switzerland.  The additional content has a monetary value of at least €75 making this boxed version excellent value for money.  


  • In cooperation with FlixBus
  • Original MAN Lion's Coach und Lion's Coach C
  • Over 50,000 km of FlixBus’s European route network has been recreated on a 1:10 ratio
  • Detailed drivers cab with extensive functions
  • Complex Autobahn and road network
  • Dynamic weather with four seasons
  • Over 100 cities throughout Europe
  • Driving by night
  • Bus driver is able to leave the bus with animated passengers
  • Extensive evaluation tool
  • Authentic passenger announcements
  • Traffic jams, accidents and construction sites
  • Ticket sales by the driver
  • Free play mode
  • Repaints

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