Six years ago Torch City, which was ruled by animals, was invaded by the Robot Legion. After the defeat, the rabbit Rayton, a former soldier of the Resistance Army, leads a retired life. With the arrest of a friend of his, he had no choice but to return to fight with the huge metal fist and set out on a journey of counterattack. Little did he know, however, that he was about to become embroiled in a complicated conspiracy interwoven by the Legion, the Resistance Army and the Rat Gang.


Flawless maps full of challenges to explore

More than a dozen areas with different layouts can be explored on the platforming (Metroidvania) map. The numerous hidden rooms, secret passages and shortcuts are mixed with combat, puzzle solving and jumping. The player must complete all kinds of challenges to win prizes.
Maps are automatically loaded during the game process to avoid frequent screen changes, making the huge and detailed Torch City more realistic and vivid.

An arcade combat system with continuous switching between three weapons.

Metal fist, drill and electric whip, the three weapons with different combat advantages offer a seamless switch between fast combo, high damage and long-range attacks. The player can choose the most appropriate form of attack according to the situation to attack.
A dozen different forms of enemies with different weapons and combat forms challenge the player with subtle tactics. The various Bosses with their own fighting styles provide a new and unique gameplay experience.

Dieselpunk aesthetics based on the Virtual Engine 4

The dieselpunk aesthetic, inspired by diesel combustion engines, blends with the oriental cityscape of years gone by to give Torch City a unique visual feel. The stark contrast between the furry animals and the cool mechanical soldiers reflects the game's theme of conflict.
Realistic 3D visuals, developed with the Virtual Engine 4, combined with physics-based rendering, take the graphical quality of the platformer (Metroidvania) genre to a new level.

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