Attention! Tiny Troopers are BACK with Global Ops, a frenetic two-joystick arcade shooter!

What's your mission? Lead an elite squad of battle-hardened specialists through an epic campaign of over 40 missions in 6 war scenarios!
Lead your soldiers into explosive battles across scorching deserts, sweltering jungle jungles and the iciest tundras!



Join forces with up to four players online with cross-platform cross-play. Whether you're on PC or console, you can fight solo or connect with 2 to 4 squads of units! With global leaderboards, combine the skills of your specialists, including air strikes, drones, booster packs and reinforcements, to outmaneuver your opponent! If you don't see yourself deploying online yet, grab 2-4 of your friends to play in local co-op mode!


Equip yourself with a lethal arsenal including rifles, missile launchers, flamethrowers and assault rifles, or head to the helicopter and arm the machine gun to take the fight to your enemies!


Complete objectives and earn EXP to upgrade your soldiers' weapons, rank and CG skills - customize their appearance with new uniforms, heads, skin tones and accessories, or increase their survivability and effectiveness in battle!


Your enemies are well equipped, organized and ready for battle! Face your soldiers' deadliest enemies to date, with hordes of drones, insurgents and private military companies controlled by advanced AI, all accompanied by intense boss battles!


Soldiers always come to the call of duty! Take on a variety of objectives, including VIP rescues, elimination missions, search and destroy, and survival through waves of enemies!

Adapt to the battlefield with hidden and secondary objectives to discover and complete!

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