Young Souls is a gorgeous 2D brawler meets story-rich action RPG. Developed by the talented studio 1P2P, Young Souls establishes itself as one of the most original beat’em ups of these last years. Nervous, rich, tactical, its clever combat system brilliantly mixes combos and strategy: dodge, close combat, ranged shooting, special attacks, parries, dash, ground or airborne strikes... A formula enriched by elements directly borrowed from the RPG universe: upgrading of weapons, skills, and equipment. Featuring a distinct art direction and a grandiose soundtrack, Young Souls offers you epic fights and an explosive action. Explore dozens of dungeons, fight an army of goblins and enraged bosses. Triumph over evil.

Become a hero!


  • Play as Jenn and Tristan in a beat'em up/RPG with frenetic action.
  • Weapons, equipment, resources: improve the attributes of your characters to suit your tastes (speed, power, resistance, agility...).
  • Young Souls offers a rich and ingenious combat system based on strategy and combos: dodging, melee combat, ranged shooting, counterattacking...
  • Explore a parallel world and travel through dozens of dungeons filled with goblins and other bosses with tremendous strength.
  • Designed for hardcore gamers, Young Souls offers an intense gameplay experience, alone or with a partner in co-op.
  • Enjoy a distinctive art direction with sharp dialogues.