Super Chariot

Designed for Nintendo Switch, Super Chariot is a 2D platform game that can be completed alone or in cooperative mode. Embody the brave princess or her faithful fiance in an underground and fantastic adventure...

Handle the deceased King's coffin with wheels through 25 levels and 5 gruesome environments, trying to ignore the incessant harassment of the King's ghost. Enjoy the original gameplay and the innovative physics engine. Hours of exciting exploration await you, creepy gliding sequences and mountains of treasures!

Embark on an epic adventure and give His Majesty the journey of his death. Guide a Super Chariot with the remains of your King through underground caverns, using a physics system that allows you to push, pull, slide and balance the coffin. Alone or with a friend, take the brave princess and her faithful fiancee through the catacombs in search of the ideal resting place for the King!

The large wheels of the car allow the heroes to cross holes, climb and perform all kinds of dangerous moves. Find the exit and avoid (or repels) all the enemies that try to steal your booty won with the sweat of your forehead! Test your skill, coordination and audacity as you try to finish all the levels and dangers in Super Chariot. Effective teamwork will open even more possibilities ...


  • Play with a friend in the local multiplayer mode: make your Nintendo Switch (R) vibrate in TV or Desktop mode
  • Epic challenges await you both: cooperation is the key to overcoming them!
  • Wonderful 2D worlds, full of characters and unique objects
  • More than 60 hours of play await you as you advance through 25 levels dotted with secret trails and abundant treasures





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