Platforms | SWITCH

Release date: 15/10/2020

Publisher: Meridiem Games




Mind enhancing chip was invented, ‘Elon Musk’ type CEO experiments on himself, corrupted by chip, becomes maniac, plans to purge earth, pod program, elite killer robots infused with old Japanese warrior souls, pods hidden throughout world, hidden underground, underwater, deep in the forests, CEO starts war, resistance forms, fights CEO, pods activate one by one, harbingers of doom run rampant, some pods are forgotten, in his pursuit to power CEO becomes god, resets planet, kills most life, creates mechanical planet, establishes base, earth is left under AI rule, mechanical planet prospers, earth does not.



  • High mobility
  • Unique Metroidvania gameplay
  • Unique art style: pixel art with only 6 colors palettes
  • Beautiful and original graphics
  • Ninjas
  • 13 areas, 25 upgrades, 23 enemies, 7 bosses
  • 8 hours long
  • Various weapons
  • Story mode