Following on the heels of last year's Taito Milestones, comes a new collection featuring more arcade classics from Taito. A dynamic mix of genres awaits arcade fans around the world, from action and platform titles to fighting games.

This selection of 10 significant titles contains the germ of some of Taito's most prolific sagas, such as the priestess action title, Kiki Kaikai (of Pocky & Rocky fame), as well as more exotic and undoubtedly original games, such as the prehistoric fighting game Dino Rex. Obviously, also included are games like The NewZealand Story and Liquid Kids, whose colorful art style is representative of Taito's action and platform titles. 
Finally, shoot 'em up lovers are in luck, as they can get their hands on Gun Frontier, Metal Black and Darius II, 3 three titles loaded with side-scrolling action.
Taito Milestones 2 combines a selection of Taito's library of gems in a single package that is sure to delight everyone!


  • 10 entertaining classics from Taito's arcade history
  • Wide variety of genres and themes
  • Ben Bero Beh, 1984, platformer. Fight your way, fire extinguisher in hand, through a burning building, dangerous floor after dangerous floor, to save your girlfriend, Nao-chan!  
  • The Legend of Kage, 1985, hack-and-slash. Use your shuriken and your trusty kodachi sword to rescue Princess Kiri as the swift ninja Kage, bravely facing the forces of the evil warlord Yukigusa Yoshiro!  
  • Kiki Kaikai, 1986, shoot 'em up. Evil yōkai have captured the seven lucky deities. The brave priestess Sayo-chan must free them.
  • The NewZealand Story, 1988, platformer. Run through the colorful, maze-like levels as Tiki as you dodge enemies left and right, and up and down in hopes of freeing your kiwi friends.
  • Darius II, 1989, shoot 'em up. Centuries after the events of Darius, mankind faces the Belsar empire, fly and fight for the solar system!
  • Liquid Kids, 1990, platformer. Control Hippo, the young hero of the Hippo tribe, in his adventure to restore peace to Woody Lake and rescue his girlfriend by throwing water bombs.
  • Solitary Fighter, 1991, fighting. Choose your fighter from a cast of energetic combatants and challenge contenders round after round to reach the top.
  • Metal Black, 1991, shoot 'em up. Conquer the alien race of Nemesis, collect their "newalone" molecules to use against them and overcome their offensive!
  • Dino Rex, 1992, fight. lead your prehistoric beast to victory in a colossal arena destruction match and claim the throne as Dino Rex!
  • Gun Frontier, 1990, shoot 'em up. Buckle up your revolver-shaped fighter jet and shoot the alien space pirates out of the sky - free the population of the space colony Gloria!

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