The Beasties live in complete harmony and symbiosis with humans. But this harmony gets cracked after the disappearance of a Beastiemaster. The guild of Beastiemasters sends you to an isolated village to find out what happened to the master.

Will you find the master and restore the old balance?

YES - This game offers you:

  • Colorful and hand painted world
  • A relaxing atmosphere
  • Strategical match-3 brawling
  • A charming campaign
  • Large area for free-form exploration
  • Monster taming

NO - This game doesn’t have:

  • Hundreds of monsters
  • Multiplayer
  • Expansive post-game
  • Monster evolutions
  • Breeding mechanics
  • Deep Storyline

Key features:

  • Beastie Brawls: Our turn-based puzzle combat system is easily accessible for beginners, but offers enough depth and the ability to plan moves far in advance for hardened veterans. They like to brawl our Beasties ;)
  • Improve your Beasties: Our friends, the Beasties, receive primordial dust plates as loot after winning battles. With them you'll improve their abilities. In this way, you can upgrade each Beastie individually by investing in health, defense, strength and special abilities. You decide how to set up your team based on your strategy!
  • Exploring: To reward Exploring, within the world there will be hidden objects and random events with special loot. Use your time to collect important resources and prepare for the next adventure phase, challenge beastie trainers or search for new beasties in the tall grass.
  • Sophisticated genre mix of Monster Trainer & Puzzle
  • Many Beasties have adapted to the environment, creating a variety of Beastie types
  • Mining is important to get resources that are needed for your journey!
  • Team up with Beasties, upgrade and customize them for your gameplay


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