A scientist and expert on the Human Genome Theory, Dr. Roy Curien, descends into insanity as he searches for a power, allowing him to resurrect the dead.

After he succeeds, one of the researchers named Sophie Richards manages to contact her AMS (secret agency) friends Thomas Rogan and Agent G for help.

Their mission is to stop the mad scientist and rescue all the laboratory staff, by making their way through the mansion, while fending off hordes of zombies…


Popular zombie theme

Fight against zombies, creatures and gigantic bosses

Pure Arcade Action

Feel the arcade thrill through multiple levels filled with frenetic action

Multiple weapons

Pistol, crossbow, assault rifle, grenade launcher…


  • COMPLETE REMAKE OF THE ORIGINAL GAME : All the environments and special effects have been completely redone.
  • NEW CONTENT : There is also a new scoring system in addition to the original and a new game mode, Zombie Horde, with more enemies on screen. In addition to the bestiary to unlock, the game integrates a system of Achievements extending the life of the title.
  • TWO MULTIPLAYER MODES : In addition to Solo Mode, it’s possible to enjoy two multiplayer game modes, Cooperative and Competitive.
  • NON STOP ACTION : Coming from the Arcade, The House of The Dead Remake revives the nonstop action. Alone or with a friend, fight against hordes of creatures that don't leave a minute's respite and try to finish the adventure with a limited number of credits by having the best possible score.

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