Journey through a magical land teeming with mysteries to unravel.

Baldo: the Guardian Owls is full of challenging puzzles to solve and intricate dungeons to explore. Traverse this captivating open world as Baldo, and meet a host of quirky and unforgettable characters, as you struggle to decipher the cryptic prophecy, and thwart destiny.

From delightful whimsy to thrilling adventure, discover new towns and their distinctive inhabitants, fight ferocious foes, locate hidden temples, and collect objects both magical and mundane to obtain powerful new weapons, or to help unveil the myriad secrets of this strange land.


  • Explore numerous dungeons filled with puzzles, enemies and traps.
  • A long and exciting adventure of over 80 hours.
  • Fight many charismatic bosses and enemies.
  • Action, adventure, exploration, puzzles: the best Zelda-like of recent years.
  • Discover an enchanting universe, a true tribute to the productions of Studio Ghibli.
  • Upgrade your hero's performance, unlock new powers and weapons.
  • Wander freely in an open world, discover secret places, meet many characters.

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