Legendary assassin Travis Touchdown returns to the Garden of Madness once again!

That's right, geeks: No More Heroes 3 is back in better shape than ever, launching on multiple platforms! Our favorite otaku assassin, Travis Touchdown, has been forced to take up arms again to defend not only Santa Destroy, but the entire Earth. This time, becoming "Assassin #1" won't be enough, as Travis must take on a superhero from outer space in a power struggle of intergalactic proportions. It's the biggest challenge of his deadly career, but with a wide repertoire of new skills, tools and jobs at his disposal, Travis will prove he's more than just a middle-aged nerd who talks to his cat. Dust off the Beam Katana and put on your sunglasses, it's time to assassinate superheroes!

The infamous Prince FU, a self-proclaimed superhero from the far reaches of the galaxy, has arrived on Earth with the goal of conquering it. To save mankind, our No More Hero must fight his way up the Galactic Superhero Rankings and defeat FU's nine alien minions before he can take on the prince himself.


  • Forge your galactic legend. As is tradition in No More Heroes, the Galactic Superhero Rank-Up is packed with mind-blowing battles with final bosses brimming with originality. Climb the ranks and prove you're the fucking master of the universe.
  • Old dog, new tricks. Travis may be on the verge of a mid-life crisis, but he's still a face-splitting machine. He's a genius in all combat disciplines, from Beam Katana techniques to wrestling. Turbo-charge the violence with the customizable Death Glove and overwhelm the lethal invaders with the combat style of your choice.
  • Superheroic side missions. To fight the aliens, you need funds. Explore Santa Destroy with Travis' Demzamtiger and take on extra jobs, from coast guard missions to cleaning toilets. Then hit the road, visit unique locations outside of Santa Destroy like Neo Brazil and Thunderdome, and let the dough roll in.
  • Tougher, badass and more optimized than ever. Thanks to improved graphics, No More Heroes 3 looks its best to date. Plus, with improved loading times and controls, you'll soon be brawling left and right in a game that's as visually stunning as it is ultra-violent.

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