It's 2029, we're in a ruthless dystopian future, and two night warriors must save the nation!

 After spending 33 years in the shadows, get ready to see this mythical action adventure in a new light! With better looks and gameplay than ever before, Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn is Tengo Project's re-release of the cult classic that fans have been waiting for.

 In this thrilling action adventure, you'll have to use your awesome katana along with a wide repertoire of weaponry, which has been greatly expanded from the original NES version, as well as ninja-like acrobatic prowess to take on an onslaught of powerful enemies. But the challenge doesn't end there! Six complex, expansive, masterfully designed stages will test your skills through twisting and tricky platforming puzzles.

Critically acclaimed as one of the best 2-player co-op titles of its time, Shadow of the Ninja-Reborn lets you play together in local mode as the legendary ninjas Hayate and Kaede.

 Aside from Tengo Project's contributions, this re-release also features Iku Mizutani, the star composer who helped create the legendary Natsume sound and famous themes from various NES games. His famous guitar riffs and fast-paced retro tunes will delight fans of Mr. Mizutani's work and retro gamers everywhere!

 We've given the original 8-bit models of our intrepid heroes, Hayate and Kaede, a huge visual facelift. But there are more improvements: from the lethal enemies to the no less lethal stages, every part of this game has been faithfully recreated with stunning high-quality models.

 So hide in the shadows and katana-wield your way through the treacherous futuristic asphalt jungle of the dark action gem that is Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn!


  • An arsenal of lethal weapons: Abbrews, shuriken and more!
  • Jungle of asphalt and steel: 5 fully recreated stages with devious traps and tricky platforming puzzles - and a brand new 6th!
  • Two ninjas better than one: Team up with a friend and get ready to share a couch in the critically acclaimed local co-op mode!
  • A new look: Gorgeous modern art models that faithfully update the 8-bit originals.
  •  A star-studded rock soundtrack: Play to the rhythm of Hiroshi Iwatsuki and Iku Mizutani's electrifying guitar riffs and fast-paced retro tunes.
  • The deadly tools of the trade: Use your hard-earned points in the tool store and customize your equipment for the next play session.

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