Give your training a boost! Grab a Joy-Con™ in each hand and get ready to achieve great results with martial arts workouts developed specifically for Nintendo Switch™. Expertly designed exercises for maximum effectiveness, based on not only boxing strikes, but also Muay Thai, karate and kung-fu, all to keep you fighting fit! 

Work out in a way that fits your lifestyle and schedule. Get a workout in half the time with short, intense full-body and calorie-burning exercises. Use punches, elbows, knees, kicks and more to break up inactivity. Go easy with optional guided stretches before pushing yourself to reach your goals in personal training mode, or jump right into 3-minute fitness mode for quick, high-impact workouts when you're short on time. Over 25 different music tracks, ranging from electronic dance music to rock, will have you dancing as you punch and kick to the beat.

If you keep training, you can unlock additional exercises and moves to complete your body workout. With 60 courses created for beginners and veterans alike, you can be sure to get a great workout no matter where you are on your fitness journey. 

True full body workout at home with martial arts! 
Get fit at home with intense calorie-burning workouts based on boxing, karate, kung-fu and muay thai.

Four personal trainers are here for you!
A motley cast of personal trainers, ranging from friendly to strict, will guide you through customized training programs designed to help you reach your individual goals and offer you something new every day.

Complete intense daily workouts in just 15 minutes.
There are modalities to suit any lifestyle or schedule. Complete a daily workout routine tailored to you in personal training mode, or select specific high-intensity workouts in 3-minute fitness mode. Whichever mode you choose, every repetition is recorded and counts toward your goals in the game's built-in "My Report" reporting mode. 

Workout to the beat of the music
Get motivated to move with over 25 diverse music tracks, spanning genres such as EDM, Techno, Trance, Rock and Hip Hop. Your workout will adapt to your chosen track so you can box to the beat, whatever your musical taste. 

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