Simulation | PS4 SWITCH

Release date: 31/10/2020

Publisher: Microids




Manage your own shop

Create and manage your own fashion store: decorate your showroom to match your personality, welcome customers and help them find the perfect outfit. The more customers you attract, the more you can expand and improve your shop!


Create your fashion brand from A to Z

Design the fashion collection of your dreams: pick up the shapes, patterns and materials you need to create thousands of own clothing items. You even get to cut and sew them yourself. Your shop, your rules, your signature look!


Share your creations and become famous

Display your clothes, take pictures with supermodels and publish them on social media to attract prestigious clients. If you gather enough attention, you may even be invited to fashion showsin Paris, Milan, Moscow and more international cities!



·       Create your perfect clothes from thousands of potential combinations.

·       Complete customization: choose your appearance, wear your favorite designs and decorate your showroom to match your style.

·       Master all mini-games to create the best outfits: draw patrons, cut and sew!

·       Become the most renowned fashion creator in town and on social media.

·       Organize your own model shows in fashion capitals: Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Milan…

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