Gelly Break

Evil Blob plans to take over the planet Gelly, and it’s up to two cute little Gellies – one orange, and one green – to stop him. Couch co-op means that players can master the levels and fight against crowds of enemies together. Solo players take control of both Gellies at any time as one unit.

Colored obstacles give Gellies trouble on their way to Evil Blob. Only Gellies of the same color can interact with these objects and platforms. Gellies can also fuse to access additional abilities, or ride piggyback on one another so they can circumvent colored objects they don’t match with. Tricky passages and enormous bosses require clever teamwork, but adaptable difficulty means people of all ages can enjoy Gelly Break.



  • 6 unique worlds with different levels and changing challenges
  • Freely adjustable difficulty at the end of each level
  • Local coop mode for two players
  • Fusion: players can fuse to access additional abilities
  • Switching: the game requires players to switch positions frequently to tackle different challenges
  • Shared health that both players have to keep in mind
  • Color mechanics: Objects with the same color as the character can be interacted with
  • Alternative routes and different teammates make for great replayability




Byte Rockers’ Games/Wild River

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