Edge of Eternity

The world of Heryon is in shambles. Years ago, the arrival of a mysterious alien force finally plunged the planet into an endless cataclysmic war where both magic and technology were unleashed to their worst and darkest extremes.
Now an even greater threat has emerged: in a despicable act of war, the invaders unleashed Corrosion, a deadly disease that turns life forms of all kinds into deformed abominations.
In these desperate times, a young soldier will have to face his destiny and embark on an epic journey that will change Heryon's fate forever...


  • A gripping story full of plot twists and heartbreaking moments
  • A magnificent fantasy world to explore
  • Epic battles with a unique and strategic turn-based combat system
  • Charismatic and unforgettable characters
  • Stunning soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger and Xenoblade Chronicles)
  • An advanced crafting system
  • A fearless but lovable beast to befriend




Plug in Digital


Action RPG