INSTANT SPORTS PLUS is the most complete experience of INSTANT SPORTS. Enjoy 15 sports and activities up to 4 local players!


  • Cooperation & Competition: Play with or versus your friends and family at any INSTANT!
  • Sporty, adventurous, or just relaxing: 15 sports, mini-games and activities await you, including jetskiing, seaplane, bowling, wok, soccer, ice machine, ping-pong, and many more.
  • Unique ways to play: Use motion control (Nintendo Switch) or adaptative triggers (PlayStation 5) to enjoy an original gameplay experience!
  • Plug & Play: Visit an island full of content or just go directly through a quick menu to your favorite games to INSTANTly have fun!
  • Mirror mode: Enjoy many tracks in in one direction… or the other!
  • Unlock tons of items and customize your characters to be the coolest to win sports!