Meridiem Games to publish The Crown of Wu digitally on Consoles and PC

Enter a world where legend meets reality inspired by a classic Chinese tale

Leading games publisher Meridiem Games is thrilled to announce The Crown of Wu, a third-person action-adventure game inspired by Journey to the West, a classic Chinese novel about the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Developed by Red Mountain, The Crown of Wu will be launching for PC via Steam and console digital stores this winter. 

Explore a future-past fantasy world as Sun Wukong, fighting alone against enemies and overcoming complex obstacles to retrieve the great Crown stolen by the antagonist Zhu. With Zhu stopping at nothing to see you destroyed, will you be able to retrieve the Crown and save your world from destruction?

You can now add the game to your wishlist at PlayStation Store and Steam

The Crown of Wu narrates the adventures of Wu, a half-monkey, half-human, who after once being the emperor's herald, began to behave in a chaotic manner due to the use of a crown that gave him extraordinary powers. It is as if wearing it corrupts the heart... Eventually, his crimes and atrocities led him to be captured and condemned to a harsh punishment; being frozen in bio-static solution. After dozens of years spent almost conscious yet immobile, Wu manages to free himself from his prison and discovers a decadent world in ruins. Moreover, his crown has been stolen and is being used to provoke a vibration that will eventually lead to a gigantic explosion and with it, lead to extinction... Wu must recover his stolen crown and help those he once punished, in order to save the world and redeem himself to finally find peace….

Wu's crown must be found!


  • The game world - Immerse yourself in a great land that is both ancient and new. Inspired by Chinese mythology and created to tell a new story of Sun's journey from anti-hero to hero, this is a world where legend meets reality.

  • Attributes and abilities -  Harness the powers of air, fire, earth and lightning. Each of your powers gives you a way to work with the environment or against your enemies. Attack with Air, Fire and Lightning. Defend with Earth. Summon your powers to defeat enemies and cross dangerous chasms.

  • Combat System - Discover a fresh and simple combat system that grants you incremental powers as you travel through this terrible land to solve the mystery of the stolen Crown. Get ready to jump, run and parkour your way through this new world as you solve intricate puzzles and overcome increasingly complex trials as you progress through the levels.


The Crown of Wu will launch digitally for PC and consoles this winter. You can now add the game to your wishlist at PlayStation Store and Steam