We play games, we shape culture, we treasure moments.

Meridiem Games is an independent project working on the distribution and production of videogames in all platforms.

All the members at Meridiem Games are players, that is why we are looking to satisfy the final client, the player, yourself. That is why we bring to you  all kind of games, from Triple A where you must prove yourself with the pad of your console or Indie projects where just enjoy the beautiful scenery, marvelous soundtracks or just new concepts that other could not see.

As distributors we have a team, mix of experience in the industry ,professionalism and youth, working with all the distribution channel so all the games can arrive to the users, wherever they are, because that is our biggest challenge, that all players can find a title in our catalogue that suits them, with which they can enjoy of this art, this is our target, this is Meridiem Games.


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Sergio Palacián Sergio Palacián

Sergio Palacián


Rubén Gutiérrez Rubén Gutiérrez

Rubén Gutiérrez

Business Development & Brand Manager

Toni Asensio Toni Asensio

Toni Asensio

Marketing, PR & Communication Manager

Elena Fernández Elena Fernández

Elena Fernández

Publishing & Art Design Manager

Raquel Calderón Raquel Calderón

Raquel Calderón

Chief Financial Officer

Alejandra Cano Alejandra Cano

Alejandra Cano

Sales & Publishing

Jessica Fernández Jessica Fernández

Jessica Fernández

Marketing, PR & Communication

Marina Pérez Marina Pérez

Marina Pérez

Product & Marketing

Ana Palmeiro Ana Palmeiro

Ana Palmeiro

Publishing & Art Design

Javier Herrero Javier Herrero

Javier Herrero

Key Account Manager

Pele Calderón Pele Calderón

Pele Calderón

Warehouse Assistant

Carlos Reig Carlos Reig

Carlos Reig

Marketing, PR & Communication

Troki Troki


Moral Supporter

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