Security notice

In order to protect your security when browsing our website, we would like to inform you that:

  • We use a "secure" server-client data transmission protocol, which is why the "s" appears after "http". Although the protocol is not 100% infallible against a security attack, it does offer minimum security guarantees.
  • The website from which we carry out our activity is "", as well as the social networks linked from it. We are not the owners of other websites, so when you want to access our website, always check that the address that appears in your browser corresponds to the one mentioned.
  • No commercial transactions of any kind can be carried out through our website. We will never ask you for bank or payment details, nor will we link to third party platforms for this purpose.

However, so that you can protect yourself properly against the dangers of surfing the web, we recommend the "Guide to privacy and security on the Internet" published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) together with the Internet Security Officer (OSI). You can consult it or download it from the OSI website ( in the Resources section.

We recommend this guide because we consider that it offers quality content, as well as coming from two public and official organisations. Please note that we do not have any commercial or working relationship with the entities mentioned, we recommend the guide only because we find it useful and safe and we believe it can benefit you.